Information about EPA Register


After hearing from End Point Assessors struggling to hit work capacity and End Point Assessment Organisations finding it tough to source particular assessors we’ve built a platform to connect the two. 

For EPAs, you can advertise the standards you deliver and where you’ll deliver them so you can be found by EPAOs. 

For EPAOs, you can search (by standard) for freelance assessors when and where you need them.

Throw in a dedicated EPA jobs portal and EPA News feed, knowledge articles and resources and you have the EPA Register. 

We built this because of the upcoming demand and the fact that traditional talent acquisition and recruitment agencies won’t be able to service the EPA demand effectively. We need to drive talent into the FE sector and we hope a resource like this will provide a hub for End Point Assessors to find & manage their work as well as provide a pathway for those who have never assessed before to become much needed End Point Assessors.

Please share the EPA Register with your network and those who want to find out more about becoming an End Point Assessor.