End Point Assessor- Care Standards

I am a qualified Assessor, Internal Quality Assurer and End Point Assessor (Apprenticeships for Lead/ Adult Care Standards).

I have also been involved in the development/ question writing for the End Point Assessment for leading Awarding Organisations for Healthcare and Lead/ Adult Care Worker Apprenticeship Standards.

I am also a regular Moderator for Health and Social Care National Qualifications.

More recently I have started to work towards the External Quality Assurance qualification in order to become an EQA.

In addition I have many years’ experience in Health and Social Care, including roles as a Manager and Owner in Health & Social Care settings. I owned and managed my own dementia care for several years before moving in to education.

Availability: Yes
Travel: Yes
Details of Occupational Competence (within last 3 years): I enjoy regularly completing ‘back to the floor’ days at a local residential care setting, attending standardisation activity days and E-learning in order to keep up my occupational competency.
Vocational / Academic Qualifications: Level 4 Health & Social Care, CAVA, IQA, EPA and working towards EQA.
Level: 4
Care Services Standard: Lead Adult Care Worker